RED ROOM is a new comedy club in Chicago with vintage looks and avant-garde comedians. Located on the Northside of Chicago between Evanston and Rogers Park, the club's vibe is akin to a "Goodfellas" movie set where Joe Pesci screams "How am I funny!"


Chicago does have some of the best comedians in the country, so folks will experience gut-busting laughter (is it just a saying, or do people really pee on themselves?). Come on in and let's find out.


The seating arrangements incorporate round tables and chairs along with booth-style seating with a capacity of up to 50 people, giving the joint a very intimate experience. 


RED ROOM will have weekend booked shows for National and Local Headliners along with up-and-coming new acts.

Local Comedians

& Artists

We know the best comedians in town who will murder the room... Not literally, come down!

Beer, Wine & Liquor

Full bar features a selection of beer, wine, mixed drinks, forgotten credit cards, IDs, couple of bras and one sweater from your ex.


Available street parking and limited parking behind the club. For Chicago, that's GOLD!

Photos and Videos

Still photography is allowed only if you tag us after the show. Video policy varies per artist and how much you are willing to pay us.


Julia Tony Stoyanova

Julia graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Acting for Puppet Theatre from the National Academy of Theater & Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, the most prestigious theatre college in Bulgaria and the Balkans. In 2016 she moved to the US and began her journey as an actress, improviser, and stand-up comedian. After graduating from the Second City Conservatory in 2019, she became a proud member of the Rose Valley Theater Group (this girl has no BREAKS). As a stand-up comedian, Julia engages her audiences with her unique and dark Eastern European humor. In her spare time, she directs music videos and creative marketing campaigns. Our favorite Bulgarian producer also enjoys trying to unsuccessfully marry different people for a green card and developing new English words that only she uses. Is anybody available for marriage? Call us.



pronounced: KHA-LEEL

Khaleel is based out of Chicago. Born in India and raised in a typical American Midwestern Suburbia.

He began his career in stand-up in 2013. Khaleel was inspired when he was a teenager watching Eddie Murphy "RAW". He also took inspiration from other edgy comics that did not follow the status quo like George Carlin, Chris Rock, and Bill Burr. Khaleel’s comedy is based on an observational and cultural contrast between being an American and East Indian. He also tackles subjects most people do not want to talk about which include Politics, Religion, Sex, History, Space, Science, and most importantly, Stupid People.